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NEWS! Poets, Adam Gottlieb and Nova Venerable of Louder Than a Bomb are now part of the STST Project!

Anna Myer and Dancers (AMAD) embarks on a new venture: The Street Talk Suite Talk Project (STSTP) relies on the interface of various art forms and the participation of different social organizations. Classical violin, contemporary dance, rap and spoken word unite to create a new language; language being that tool which connects people, communities and enables social change. Through performances, workshops, and the integration of different voices, The Street Talk Suite Talk Project will forge bonds between disparate populations and those on both sides of the proscenium. (On and off the court)

The purpose of touring STST is to design individual programs that adapt to each community. We will host integrative workshops with students from different schools, or artists of different mediums to create a dialogue that unites people from all walks of life, and gives voice to those who may not have the exposure, or opportunity to find their own self expression.

Move the Word Workshops
Myer strongly believes that artists should teach as a way to develop a deeper under­standing of their craft, enrich connections with their audience, and fortify a sustainable artistic lifestyle. Poets and dancers, both from the community and/or the STST PROJECT, will lead two separate workshops: The participants are taught how to create their own vocabulary and choreographic language by exploring relevant issues from their personal lives and within their neighborhoods. The spoken word material serves as the inspiration for creating solo dance phrases in the move­ment workshop, which will be integrated into the final production (stage two).

Contact Anna Myer at for more information on workshops.

Under the STST umbrella, we will present "Hoop Suite;" a collaborative performance to be played on stage and on basketball courts. Visit the Hoop Suite page to learn more.